How to place an order:

To place an order for our products you need just one thing to do:

  1. Call us +7 (383) 332-21-34, 332-09-53, +7 (499) 681-01-03;
  2. Send your order by mail;
  3. Send a message via Inquiry form;
  4. Send a message to our export sales manager via ICQ 590953210 or QQ 2083560402.

Please feel free to contact us. As we can be in different time zones, we can give a prompt reply in a period of 24 hours.

Payment Terms:

30% deposit, 70% balance three days before shipment. T/T and Western Union. Usually, our customers use T/T payments. 

Some of our products are at stock, for others we need time to produce. All OEM products require about 30 days to produce depending on the amount.

Delivery Terms:

As we have factories in China (Shenzhen) and the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk), we can deliver our products via several sea ports: FOB Shenzhen (China), FOB UstLuga (Russian Federation), FOB Nakhodka (Russian Federation).

In addition, you can visit our factories and branches to see our products and check their quality. It is also possible to receive the samples of our products on EXW terms.

We work in partnership with our shipping agent. It is aworldwide international logistic operation company with branches and warehouses in about 20 countries, so they can deliver our goods to any place in the world.

Packing Goods and Loading to Sea Container:

All the goods under small orders (for example, orders of product samples) shall be packed in wooden boxes. If you order a large amount enough to load a sea container, only the main part of 3D Polisher Media Station shoe polishers is packed in a woodenbox (frame style). All other products are packed in cartons. The top part of 3D Polisher Media Station is packed in foam and PE film. 

Please, check pictures of packing styles here:


Please, check pictures of sea container loading here: