• 3D Polisher


    Incredible simbios is in one machine - 3D polisher innovative shoe polishers. Our shoe polishers can perfectly clean and polish shoes of any color for free of for payment (coins, banknotes, credit card) and show advertising videos with sound. All machines works automatically. They are a new effective tool in vending and indoor advertising.



    Our newest TITAN shoe cover dispensers can wear your shoes with shoe covers automatically, without using hands. It is easy and convenient. You just need to step on shoe cover. Only 5 seconds to wear one pair of shoe covers. Just step and go!

  • Universal shoe covers for shoe cover dispensers


    We produce universal shoe covers for shoe cover dispensers. They are suitable for all types of shoe cover dispensers. The best quality and price directly from the manufacturer. 

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BRIEFLY about us

We are MEDSKLAD COMPANY LIMITED - manufacturing and worldwide trading company. We have factories in Hong Kong and the Russian Federation. The headquarters is situated in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Our business is focused on producing innovative products, such as 3D Polisher shoe polishers and TITAN shoe cover dispensers. Аrea of our activity is producing disposable medical products - common shoe covers, special shoe covers for shoe cover dispensers and PE sleeve covers.

We work in partnership with our shipping agent. It is worldwide international logistic operation company with branches and warehouses in about 20 countries, so they can deliver our goods to any place in the world.

  • Delivery terms

    We have factories in Hong Kong and the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk). So, we can deliver our products via several sea ports: FOB Hong Kong, FOB UstLuga, FOB Nakhodka. Read more information about delivery terms.

  • Payment terms

    30% deposit, 70% balance three days before shipment. T/T and Western Union.